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Snowy Day

Time: Early afternoon, day 13, month 13, turn 22.
Place: Bowl, tunnels and Living Cavern, Fort Weyr.
Players: Fiorella, Jantha.
Scene: In a heavy snowfall, Jantha meets Fiorella, and the two retire inside for hot klah and talk about dragonhealing.

It is an utterly foul day. The snow is falling, thick and unrelenting, driven by a wind that's chilly enough to penetrate the thickest of clothing. It's bad enough that flying isn't a wonderful idea right now, and even at ground level, the Bowl is not a pleasant place to be. The few people who are out are trying to get inside as soon as possible. One of those is Jantha, wrapped in her oldest, thickest leathers and with a bright woollen scarf wrapped tightly round her head and neck. She's approaching the door that leads in towards the Living Cavern, head down and what little is visible of her face frozen into a pinched frown.

Not a day for anyone to be out and about, and yet Fiorella has ventured out of the caverns. At least she's thought far enough ahead to bundle up against the weather. Its not long that she remains however, turning back only a minute later to head back to the warmth of the caverns. The weather it would seem is worse that she'd thought or expected. Its in the process of turning against wind and snow that she nearly bumps into Jantha.

Jantha stops abruptly, but her exclamation of, "Careful!" has a good-natured ring to it. "Shells, but you can hardly see a hand in front of your face - I'm getting to hate Fort's winters." She rubs snowflakes from her lashes. "Who's that, anyway? We all look like identical snowmen today, under our winter wraps." With that, she starts moving again, though a little less briskly.

"Sorry!" is the girl's quick reply as she lifts her chin from inside her scarf. Quiet, but loud enough to hopefully be heard over the wind she supplies her name, "Fiorella," though she waits a bit longer, until they've made it through the entrance of the Living Cavern to return the question as she unwinds her scarf. "You?" she inquires, green eyes searching the other for some familiarity. "It's getting really bad out there," she adds softly yet conversationaly.

Jantha makes it inside a moment after Fiorella. "Jantha. Imoth's rider." She brushes the snow from her scarf and shoulders before pulling the damp wool away from her head and jacket, and looping it loosely round her neck. "Imoth thinks this weather is very interesting, he says." She sounds rather amused at that. "I'm afraid I'm not going to go back out and enjoy it with him, though, and I'm rather glad we have a ground weyr. I suspect some people won't be getting home tonight."

Fiorella hmms and nods, tossing a glance back over her shoulder the way they came. "Interesting," she echoes the word, stated more to herself than anything. Scarf left over her shoulders she shifts to pull off her mittens as she looks back to the rider. "You were the Weyrlingmaster?" she comments, a hint of question in those words as she's not quite certain she's linking the name with the right person. "I don't blame you though. About outside I mean. I didn't think it was quite so bad until.." she tried to go out.

"I am, yes," Jantha confirms, as she unfastens the neck of her jacket. "He isn't used to it - he doesn't really remember it from last winter, and we've not been here long enough for it to seem normal to him, I think." She moves slowly along the passage, brushing drips of water from her forehead as she goes. "So, if you're Fiorella, you're T'rev's foster-daughter, yes? He mentioned you the other day."

Fiorella nods a few times, a silent note that yes, she is listening and that explanation of the dragon makes sence to her. Another nod. "Yes Ma'am," she replies politely. "I just returned from the Hold," she continues as if it had been little more than a visit. "He did?" she questions after a slight pause, green eyes blinking with an uncertainty as to why she might have come up in that conversation.

Jantha nods, glancing sideways. "He said you were interested in dragonhealing at one time. I'm also one of the Weyr's dragonhealers - it's how I've been spending most of my time, as there weren't any weyrlings. I'll not have so much time for it once the clutch hatches, of course."

"That was.. a couple turns ago," Fiorella replies haltingly, shoving mittens into her pockets. A quiet 'ahh' goes along with a nod as the detail that links dragonhealing with the weyrlingmaster is brought to light. "I'm sure there's someone to take up the slack while you're otherwise occupied," she comments, unbuttoning her jacket as they continue further inside.

Jantha chuckles at that. "I certainly don't think I'm indispensable," she agrees. "And I'm not the senior person here, fortunately. It's an interesting study, though. I took it up at the end of the Pass - it comes in very handy, even in the interval, when there are weyrlings around."

Fiorella draws a deep breath, lifting a hand to cover her mouth as she coughs. "I didn't mean.." she replies, but leaves it at that. "I can see where it'd be a good thing for someone such as yourself to know," she agrees. "With the weyrlings I mean. It does seem interesting though."

"Young dragons are as accident-prone as any other youngsters." Jantha seems content to leave the subject there. She raises a hand to unfasten the rest of her buttons. "Do you know what you're going to be doing, now you're back at the Weyr? Or perhaps it's too early to think about that."

Fiorella nods, slipping out of her jacket and giving it a bit of a shake to rid the largest drops of melting snow from it before draping it over her arm. "I.. hadn't thought about it really," she replies to that question with a slight shrug of shoulders. "The stores maybe? I'm sure the headwoman will have something."

"I'm sure she will," Jantha agrees. "And stores can be a good place to show your capabilities, too, if you enjoy the work. Still, there's no rush to decide - it's worth trying things out and seeing what interests you, if you have the chance." She tugs at her scarf, which has settled clammily round her neck.

"I'm sure," Fiorella agrees in return. "I'm sorry," she adds after a moment. "I'm still trying to feel things out back here." A slight shake of her head before green eyes focus on the rider. "I had thought about it, dragonhealing. T'rev said it wasn't a real craft though.. I apprenticed at Healer Hall for a little over a turn then. Before.." Well everything.

"At Healer?" Jantha smiles, "I did that, before I Impressed - I was an apprentice for three turns. Not all at the Hall, though: I was apprenticed to the Weyrhealer at Southern to start with, and then again at the end, just before I was Searched. Maybe you could go back to it." She pauses thoughtfully, "T'rev's right, in a way. Dragonhealing isn't recognised as a craft - I suppose because it's only needed in the Weyrs, so the Weyrs have always been in charge of it. That doesn't mean that dragonhealers don't have as much skill as many other crafters."

Fiorella nods. "I was apprenticed back here for part of the time," she replies. As for dragonhealer, "I didn't mean.." but she nods as Jantha goes on. "I know. He just meant, well.. the craft has things to offer that a position like dragonhealing did. "Then my mother got sick and..." she she shakes her head at the thought of going back. "I left the hall, I don't think... It'd be strange I'd think. After a whole turn."

"I can understand that." Jantha gives a contemplative nod. "I would actually quite like dragonhealers to have a more... recognised status as a craft. It would be good for those of us that aren't riders to have that recognition, especially - but I don't suppose it's going to happen. Are you going this way?" She gestures towards the living cavern.

"That'd be nice," Fiorella agrees, "I suppose though, at the weyr its not quite so neccessary all the time?" Something along those lines. She nods, "Some klah'd be nice, did you?" she offers to get an extra mug for her without so many words.

Jantha looks thoroughly grateful for that offer. "That would be very welcome - thanks." She peels off her jacket as she moves into the large cavern, and drapes it over the back of a chair at the nearest free table. "You're right," she says, resting her hands on the back of the chair. "Weyrfolk know that we need dragonhealers anyway, and nobody else particularly cares, even if they're aware that we exist. Weyrhealers sometimes take an interest, though."

Fiorella leaves her jacket on the back of a chair across the table. "Makes sense I guess.." she replies, lifting a finger to silently not that she'll be right back. And back she is after a minute or so, returning with two mugs of hot klah to hand one over to Jantha before settling into the chair she'd claimed with her jacket. "Do you like it?" she asks before testing her drink. "Dragonhealing I mean..."

Jantha has sat down by the time Fiorella returns. "Thank you." She takes the drink and puts it on the table, then brushes the palms of her hands against the hot mug. "Yes, I do like it - I find it very interesting, and it's satisfying to be able to help. It's interesting to try to extend the boundaries of what I know, too - of what is known, in fact. And," she gives an amused chuckle, "it gives me a good excuse to indulge my favourite hobby. I have a herb garden."

"Really?" Fiorella asks, intruiged by the idea it would seem. "I never knew you were a healer before.." she adds. Then again its not as if they'd really spent so much time talking previously. "Or about your garden. That was my favorite. At the Hall I mean, learning about the herbs.

"Mine too," the older woman responds, smiling. She takes a cautious sip of steaming klah, then continues. "At Southern, I had a really good garden, that I built up over many turns. Here, I've got a patch off the main herb garden, and I'm still getting it going, really. One of the reasons why I hate this weather is that some of my plants are rather tender - Southern species, you know, and one or two from Ista. I put cold frames in this year, but I'm sure I'll lose quite a few things. I'll show you round it, if you like, once the weather's better."

Fiorella nods in understanding. "Yeah, some of them don't do so well in the cold," she agrees, wrapping fingers of both hands around her mug. "I'd like that. When the weather's better," she repeats. Now would be rather counterproductive after all.

"It's a deal. Last time I went to Ista, I brought back-" What Jantha brought back will have to wait for another time. She breaks off, eyes losing focus as she listens to something only she can hear. With a shake of the head, she sets down her mug. "I have to go. Wiribeth has had a bad landing in the snow, and T'zhar wants my help patching her up." She's pulling her jacket on as she gets to her feet, and then she's heading back towards the passage at a brisk pace.