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Breakfast with T'rev

Time: Morning, day 7, month 13, turn 22.
Place: Living Cavern, Fort Weyr.
Players: Jantha, T'rev.
Scene: Talk of dragonhealing, on what would prove to be T'rev's last morning as Weyrleader.

It's morning. There's people eating breakfast, a fair few of them in fact at scattered tables around the living cavern. The Weyrleader's in line behind some other relatively late-comers, holding a mug of klah and plucking through a basket of pastries to find his favorites to put on the plate that rests on the buffet.

Jantha has apparently made it to breakfast a few moments ahead of the Weyrleader, as she's two or three ahead in the queue. She pauses for the servers to put out more fruit, though, letting the couple of people behind her move ahead. That brings her next to T'rev. "Good morning, Weyrleader," she says brightly.

Looking up, T'rev offers a grin to the Weyrlingmaster. "Mornin' Jantha. How's things?" he asks and masks a yawn behind his hand, eyes the basket and pulls out another pastry to add to the two on his plate. "Looks like we're gonna have a pretty good snow today, huh?"

"It wouldn't surprise me," Jantha agrees. "It's certainly cold enough, though it's clear enough now. I hope it stays that way until after drills, at least. Though even this cold is hard on the older folk, and the ones with joint-ail." That leaves her looking rather thoughtful. The fruit arrives, and she puts slices of redfruit on her plate alongside the bread and cheese.

"No drills today for Flint," T'rev notes with a grin and picks up his plate and his mug, tilts his head toward the tables. "Headin' over to Nerat with family today. It's my daughter's birthday in a few days, so we're going to celebrate," the Weyrleader explains further. "And yeah, cold is tough on the elderly. Shevena keeps the caverns nice and warm for them."

Jantha takes the head-tilt as an invitation and moves off in that direction. "That sounds very pleasant - and Nerat will be a pleasant change from the cold here. I hope you have a good day. We're due to drill this afternoon, but that will be fine as long as the day stays like this. It's when it's icy that problems start."

"Always is," T'rev drawls out about the difference in climate as he moves toward a seat. "I think it's one of the best things about instant transport, tradeoff for a few seconds of really dire cold, is poppin' out someplace warm," the Weyrleader adds with a cuckle, nods. "Mm. COmin' into that time of turn where a lot of drills get canceled for weather."

Jantha chuckles at that. "I'm sure I'll be popping down to Southern more frequently to warm up. I suppose really, there's no reason why we shouldn't go somewhere else to drill, but that would probably seem rather unsporting. Is this all right?" She places her plate and mug on a table.

"Well I mean the days when the weather's so bad you can't even take off from the Bowl," T'rev points out. "Can't even really leave Fort on those days, period." The Weyrleader nods at her choice of table. "Sure, I'm not picky this mornin'," he jokes a little, put his mug and plate down and reaches over to pull Jantha's chair out for her.

Jantha nods her acquiescence, and settles into the seat. "Thank you." She rests the fingers of her right hand on the table, not starting to eat yet. "That's true enough. Well, I shall make the most of the clear weather - between ice and cold and poor visibility, Winter's a busy time for healers and dragonhealers."

"You're welcome," T'rev says cheerily and moves around to settle into his own chair, promptly breaking a pastry in two once he's seated and has a bite, washes it down with klah. "Ahh. Now that'll hit the spot," he notes of food and caffeine, then nods Jantha's way. "Mm. It's a good thing dragons don't much mind the chill. And that Fort's winters aren't as harsh as Telgar's."

Jantha nods as she picks up her mug. "That's true. Telgar have a lot of problems with landing injuries in the worst part of the winter. T'zhar tells me it's a major task to keep their Bowl free of ice. She frowns a little. "He's a bit under the weather, I'm afraid - his joints are bothering him."

"Yeah, sometimes I'd give Mec some 'stone to flame his ledge off with so he wouldn't slide," T'rev describes, reminiscing a little. "Yeah? Think he's going to be okay?" The weyrleader takes another sip from his mug and sets to the very serious task of demolishing breakfast.

Jantha rolls her eyes in benevolent amusement. "I'm inclined to set Isandre onto him. He insists he's all right and won't go and see her, but I can see him rubbing his knuckles all the time. But..." more seriously now, "he isn't getting any younger. He's still flying with his Wing, though - I think he's still pretty fit in general."

"Sounds like he could probably use some time in the warmer weather," T'rev says thoughtfully and looks over at Jantha. "And Isandre does have a knack for ... convincin' a person," he adds with some amusement.

Jantha chuckles as she sandwiches cheese between her bread. "So she does. That's an extremely useful skill in a healer. We've agreed to a bit of mutual education - you know I was a healer apprentice before I Impressed? And she's interested in learning a bit about dragons, so I think we might both enjoy it. There are definitely synergies between the two areas." She makes inroads into her sandwich.

"It's in your file," T'rev points out about the healer apprenticeship. "Did you like it a lot though? That kind of study? I think ... well Fiorella my foster-daughter, she's struggling a little with where she fits in now. She wanted to study dragonhealing a while back too, could be maybe something she could be interested in pickin' back up again while she sorts herself out, especially if she had other people to look at it with like you and Isandre." He's about done with his pastries, somehow having made them vanish pretty quickly, though he still has klah to sip from.

Jantha nods, understanding. "It must all have been very difficult for her. She should really speak to T'zhar if she wants to train, but I suspect he'll pass her straight over to me - he's really not very interested in training assistants. Tends to scare them off, I'm afraid," she adds ruefully, though there's a smile in her eyes: she's apparently quite sympathetic to her older colleague.

"Yeahhh that's been a bit of a struggle and problem," T'rev says slowy, thoughtfully. "His unwillingnes to train folks," the Weyrleader notes. "Think you'd be interested in doin' a bit more of that? I mean, we're always gonna need dragonhealers and with T'zhar not wantin' to train anyonw ..." he trails off, gives a little shrug, grin wry.

Jantha purses her lips. "I can certainly do that now - I'd be glad to, in fact - but it's not a long term solution. Sooner or later we're going to have a clutch on the Sands, and I'll be turning my attention back to weyrlings. I'd advise you to be prepared to bring in another experienced dragonhealer. Some of the Weyrs have several. And most of us know each other, so I could probably advise, when the time comes."

"Sure, but in the meantime ... could be somethin' a little bit different to train folks on in more detail?" T'rev suggests mildly, hands both curled around his mug. "Do you think T'zhar'd object to bein' replaced like that?"

"I'm not suggesting that you should replace him," Jantha replies a little stiffly. "Unless he feels the time has come to give up - which at the moment I don't think he does. I'm suggesting that you should be prepared to bring in another experienced person to do what I'm currently doing."

"Right but y'know, he could see it that way, if we do that, since he hasn't wanted to even bring on an assistant," T'rev points out, leaning back in his chair in relaxed fashion by contrast to Jantha's stiffness. "Not that I object t'lookin' outside the Weyr, but you know, it might go over better with him if it didn't work out that way."

Jantha lifts her eyebrows a little, considering, then nods. "I suppose he might - though he doesn't really seem to mind /having/ an assistant, or at least, he's been perfectly fine with me. I think it's the training aspect he's not fond of. Well, an alternative would be to arrange for a placement for the trainees at another Weyr, at least any who are proposing to make it their main work. That's not a bad idea anyway - you can learn a lot from seeing how a different healer works, and it helps to spread and preserve knowledge."

"Mm, those're some ideas to consider if they're willin' to go," T'rev agrees and lifts up his mug, drains down the last of it. His head cocks to the side, like he's listening for something and lets out a breath. "THanks for the thoughts, Jantha. I'll keep those in mind for next time Cirse and I sit down to talk things through. Mecaith's sayin' the snow is gettin' thicker though so I should go find my sisters and make sure we can head out all right for this party. I hope drills go smoothly." So saying, he's pushing his chair back and collecting his dishes, preparatory to heading out.

Jantha smiles up at him. "Have a good day with your family." She watches him go for a moment, then turns her attention back to her breakfast.

"Thanks, Jantha," T"rev says sincerely, nods once politely and moves off to get rid of his dishes, then into the caverns to find his family.