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Time: Mid-day, day 9, month 1, turn 23.
Place: Council Room, Fort Weyr.
Players: Jantha, T'kyn.
Scene: The new Weyrleader removes Jantha from the position of Weyrlingmaster.

T'kyn is sat at the table, a bundle of reports sitting in front of him that he appears to be sifting through slowly. Nearby, a pot of klah and some mugs sit, his own mug next to him within arms reach away from the paper work. There's a few mumblings of some form as he reads through the current file while he waits on his next guest.

A confident tap on the frame of the open door, and Jantha enters, dressed in smart leather trousers and jacket, with the knot of her rank at her shoulder. Her eyes come to rest on the occupant of the table as she advances a little way into the room. "Good morning, Weyrleader. I'm Jantha - pleased to meet you." She sounds composed.

T'kyn waits a until he's finished the section he's reading before he bothers to look up, leaving her to wonder possibly if he heard her. "Good day to you." He says as he looks her over with his steely gaze. "I'll get to the point quickly, I've heard that you have a discipline problem concerning the members of the last weyrling group." He says coldly. "That is unacceptable in my eyes and I don't want to hear any excuses as to where the blame may lie, young riders need to know who is in charge and how to take orders, no matter how impetus they may be they have to be broken of that habit." His gaze throughout is unflinching as he speaks.

Jantha raises her eyebrows a little at the Weyrleader's rudeness in ignoring her, and her posture stiffens at his onlsaught, but the response is dispassionate and controlled. "There were three members of the group who did something extremely foolish, certainly, and at a stage when they should have known, and appeared to know, better. Two of them were otherwise well disciplined; the third had a problem with punctuality, which I dealt with. All three have turned into responsible riders."

"That may be the case Jantha." T'kyn replies with the faintest of what might be classed as a smile curling at the corner of his mouth, his words bordering on condescending towards the woman. "However it shouldn't have been allowed to happen in the first place. I will be reviewing their positions when I get to their files." He explains to her. "For now though I am placing someone else in charge for this clutch. You're second G'dri should do for now. Do you have any requests about which wing you wish to be placed into?"

Jantha freezes for a moment, lips pressed together. "Very well, Weyrleader. I would draw your attention to V'rel, however, who is by far the most experienced with weyrlings of the assistants." She goes on smoothly, without pause and without expression, "I have been rotating through the wings, and am at present spending part of my time with Malachite, in addition to my dragonhealer duties. I should like to stay with Malachite. As they're a search and rescue wing, they seem the most likely to need a dragonhealer on the spot if their services are called for - assuming you wish me to carry on with that specialism."

T'kyn nods his head a little. "Noted, he'll be a good second for G'dri then won't he." No more discussion on that one is encouraged by his tone. "Malachite it is, Remind me who their Wingleader is?" He checks as he pulls over something to write on. "I have no issues with you continuing on as a healer." His tone suggesting that healing is a more acceptable profession for a woman.

"Taria is Malachite's Wingleader. Green Bayerth's rider." Jantha confines her remarks to the information requested, though her eyes narrow at T'kyn's tone of voice as she looks down at him across the table, perhaps reflecting initial impressions of the man.

T'kyn makes the notes on the pad so that he won't forget. His tone is probably exactly how he thinks. "Thank you, that will be all." He says as he places his writing implement down and finally glancing up towards her again. His expression unreadable, as far as he's concerned it's just how it should be, so there's no sign of elation or the like to be seen.

It's typical of Jantha's attention to detail that the cords at her shoulder are easily removed for cleaning and the like - or, in this case, permanently. A quick tug at the fixing, and there they are in her hand. By the time she's said, "Good day, Weyrleader," turned, and made her way out of the door, they're in her pocket.