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Time: Morning, day 15, month 5, turn 22.
Place: Guest Weyr, High Reaches Weyr.
Players: Ebeny, Jantha.
Scene: On a visit to High Reaches, Imoth has chased and caught Ebeny's green.

"There's no need to apologise."Collapse )


Of dragonhealing

Time: Morning,day 6, month 5, turn 22.
Place: Lake Shore, Fort Weyr.
Players: Hattie, Jantha.
Scene: Discussion of changes resulting from the interval, Jantha's work with the dragonhealers, and what to do with a bored dragon.

"He likes to feel useful."Collapse )

At the Healer Hall

Time: Afternoon, day 27, month 22, turn 22.
Place: Healer Hall gardens.
Players: Ebeny, Jantha.
Scene: Jantha and Ebeny meet and discuss herb gardens and what riders will do in the interval. +tag scene. Log stolen from Ebeny.

"I imagine that more of us will be looking to broaden our horizons as time goes on."Collapse )



Time: Afternoon, day 21, month 2, turn 22.
Place: Weyrling Complex.
Players: Jantha, T'rev.
Scene: What does a Weyrlingmaster do when there are no more weyrlings? Jantha and T'rev discuss options.

"It wouldn't do to lose our edge."Collapse )


Weyrlings no longer!

Time: Afternoon, day 25, month 1, turn 22.
Place: Living Cavern, Fort Weyr
Players: B'kaiv, Fiorella, G'dri, Jantha, Jiella, T'rev.
Scene: A party to celebrate the end of weyrlinghood.

"Fill 'er up."Collapse )


Time: Morning, day 13, month 8, turn 21.
Place: Weyrling Barracks.
Players: Jantha, Jiella.
Scene: Jiella is late for class, and finds that it has consequences.

"Your wardrobe seems to have a somewhat elusive quality."Collapse )



Time: Mid-afternoon, day 9, month 6, turn 21.
Place: Southern Bowl.
Players: B'kaiv, Jantha.
Scene: B'kaiv has been training some of the weyrlings in self-defence.

"Practice makes perfect."Collapse )



Time: Day 30, month 3, turn 21.
Place: Southern Bowl, Fort Weyr.
Players: Jantha, Jiella.
Scene: There's something in store for the weyrlings...

"It might even be fun."Collapse )



Time: Late afternoon, day 17, month 1, turn 21.
Place: Weyrling Barracks.
Players: Dashaya, Jantha.
Scene: Dashaya wants some!

"You do realise that if she tries sleeping with you when she's bigger, you'll be doing carpentry on that cot?"Collapse )



Time: Afternoon, day 9, month 13, turn 20.
Place: Records Room, Fort Weyr.
Players: Hattie, Jantha.
Scene: Supply shortages are affecting the weyrlings.

"We can't just sit around eating and keeping warm by the hearths."Collapse )