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A request

Time: Early afternoon, day 11, month 4, turn 23.
Place: Living Cavern, Fort Weyr.
Players: G'dri, Jantha.
Scene: G'dri needs a dragonhealer.

Afternoon, late enough that the large cavern has emptied out of the majority of people taking their lunch, the serving tables laden with a selection of cold foods and sandwich fixings for anyone craving a snack that isn't stew. It's not food but drink that's put G'dri near those tables, pouring out a simple cup of juice. Lacking his jacket, but wearing the heavy leather trousers and sturdy boots of his riding gear, his shirt sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows.

Jantha is among the latecomers. The brownrider enters with her usual upright carriage, but there's weariness round the eyes as she makes her way over to the serving tables to see what's left. Klah is top of her agenda, but once she has a steaming mug in hand, she fills a plate with bread and cheese. That brings her into G'dri's vicinity. When she recognises him, she nods. "Good afternoon." She doesn't seem to be intending to get into conversation, however; she just reaches for a piece of fruit to complete her lunch.

Turning, G'dri's return nod is accompanied by a slight, polite half-smile. "Good afternoon, Jantha," he replies. Stepping to one side to clear the space in front of the juice pitchers should anyone else approach, he adjusts his attention to begin a casual survey of the nearby tables. "How have you been?"

Jantha takes a sip of her klah. "Busy," she answers, with a hint of a rueful smile. "I don't know why the dragons of Fort have decided that this is the week to have minor accidents all at the same time, but apparently it's the fashion. T'zhar and I have just spent two hours draining an abscess on Hegatith's hindfoot because he picked up a thorn somewhere and didn't notice anything wrong until he woke up and couldn't put weight on it. Poor thing." She does appear to have some sympathy for the unfortunate blue in question. "Easily done, I suppose."

G'dri grimaces slightly, his brows furrowing as he shakes his head. "Perhaps they decided you might feel left out, what with all the sprains and strains going around amongst those who've been working on clearing out the bowl of mud, and keeping the Healers busy," he tries for a little bit of levity, though isn't making light. An injury is still an injury. Echoing that "I suppose," he idly considers the palm of his own hand. "It's easy enough for a person to miss a sliver, and some would argue we're more sensitive. Thin skin, and all." Tilting his head, the hand he was inspecting is used to gesture towards one of the smaller tables dotting the edge of the cavern. "Join me?"

"All right," Jantha agrees, and turns towards the table. "That's right. And those Southern thorns - they'd been visiting down there. Some of them just work their way under the skin, and they carry all sorts of things into the wound." Reaching the table, she sets her lunch down and pulls out a chair to sit in. "How about you? All ready for the new class? I'd recommend getting plenty of sleep for as many nights as you have left!"

"Remind me to give Khameth a good looking over next time we've been down that way," G'dri notes, brows still puckered. "Though that won't happen for a goodly while, I'm sure." He hesitates slightly, deeply ingrained manners making his hand twitch a bit but she's got her chair well in hand, so he steps to the opposite side of the table and pulls out his own, settling into it neatly. "I'm as ready as I can be, I think. V'rel's been quite helpful, and I've been brushing up on my own weaker subjects." Pausing, he takes momentary refuge behind his cup, before offering a trifle awkwardly, "I am sorry about... what happened. I wasn't told anything, but I got the impression-- well. I don't believe it was deserved."

Jantha slips into her seat and looks across at G'dri. "Thank you for that," she says quietly, then spreads her hands in a gesture of resignation. "The Weyrleader obviously thought otherwise. The reason he gave was the incident with Vanissa and the others - so as long as you can read their minds, you should be all right." She finishes that with a smile, then begins to arrange cheese on her bread. "You can rely on V'rel - he's a good man. He's also been teaching weyrlings longer than you and me put together, I believe."

Inclining his head slightly, G'dri lets out a quiet sigh. "He is a hard man, to all appearances," he observes of the new Weyrleader. "Quite rigid in his expectations." Glancing up, that smile when he catches it is returned, though his possesses a wry quirk. "A talent I have sore neglected, the reading of minds. I'll work on it." Chuckling a bit, he nods. "He was one of the ones who trained my clutch. It's... odd," he confesses. "Though I'm grateful for his experience. I am not sure who it was who apparently recommended me, but I have some very large shoes to fill. Any further advice you'd be willing to give, I would be grateful for."

"And never underestimate their ability to think up new and incredible ways of getting into trouble?" Jantha's positively grinning now. "I think it's rather hard on you, actually - I'd had many classes as Assistant before I became Weyrlingmaster at Southern. And having Thread falling does concentrate their minds, as well. Are you appointing another assistant? There's something to be said for having a mixed-gender team."

G'dri groans, pulling an exaggeratedly mournful expression in the face of Jantha's grin. "I'm quite gray enough already!" he jokes, though there's not /too/ much salt mixed in with the black pepper just yet. Lifting his shoulders in a small shrug, he nods. "Something I'm all too well aware of. Aside from informal mentoring, until the last clutch, my involvement with weyrlings was never more than casual." Blinking a bit, his expression turns chagrined. "Shells. I've been so preoccupied lining up tutors, I didn't even /think/...." He lifts a hand, pushing his fingers back through his hair. "You're entirely right, and that should have been something I took care of immediately. Having raised a daughter, I know full well there are things that women just... need another woman to speak with about."

"Exactly," Jantha agrees with a smile. "Well... the alternative would be to arrange female mentors for all the girls," she suggests. "So it's not a disaster if you don't have a woman assistant - though the first few weeks with even a small class like this is going to be are tough if you have a small team. And you're bringing in the usual range of people to teach all the usual things, I suppose." They both know what the 'usual things' are.

"Thanks," G'dri says, still looking a trifle sheepish. "I'll get on that as soon as I get back to work." Another nod, though his response is delayed by wetting his throat with a couple more swallows of juice. "The ones who are available, yes, and finding others to step in for those who've left or just aren't interested or are too busy with their own work. The new Tanner--" 'new' being relative "--has agreed to assist with strap construction and care of the leather. I... do still need a dragonhealer, though."
Jantha nods, understanding that. "Have you asked T'zhar? I never had to get anyone in for that, of course." She adds doubtfully, "I'm afraid teaching isn't exactly his favourite thing, but he must have done it for classes before I came on the scene."

G'dri tips his hand, quirking a half-smile. "I did yes, though I'm not entirely certain he's particularly suited. I admire his skill, and his manner with Khameth after he was scored was above reproach, but he doesn't seem to be a... patient man otherwise. If a weyrling were interested in a serious pursuit of dragonhealing, it would be one thing, of course, but...." He shrugs. "It's neither here nor there. I was told he couldn't be bothered wasting his time." Hesitating, he looks across at the brownrider for a long moment before sort of asking, tentatively, "I don't suppose you...?" Would be at all interested in taking on the job.

Jantha winces at T'zhar's response. "Oh dear. He's not usually /that/ unpleasant about it. You might have caught him on a bad day - I think he gets edgy when his hands are paining him." She considers the request for a few moments as she eats. "I was thinking it would be best if I kept well clear of this class. But if T'zhar isn't going to oblige, then...." She gives a reluctant nod. "All right. Let me know when you want me, and I'll try and work it round drills and shifts in the infirmary."

G'dri hehs softly, though his nod is understanding. "Yes, I think I may well have. I dislike being a pest about it, however, so didn't want to push the issue a second time. It's not as if we're exactly struggling for qualified dragonhealers, is it?" Smiling for that. Again, a nod of understanding, though he can't hide the gratefulness. "Thank you, Jantha, I appreciate it. If you let me know what your schedule looks like, when we're nearing the time that they're ready to begin such lessons, we can try to work out something out that hopefully won't interfere too much with your time." His eyes flicker then, that vague disconnect that gives away a draconic interruption, and then he grimaces. "Shells. I'm late. My apologies, but I've got to go. We can speak more later, yes?"

Jantha chuckles. "Well, there's him and there's me. But, yes, of course. And if I don't see you before the Hatching, good luck." She smiles, and pauses in her meal as G'dri takes his leave.